BMW Open Work 2017

Olivia Erlanger, Body Electric

BMW Open Work

Frieze London, 2017

Project website: 

Olivia Erlanger’s Body Electric conjures fictional tales inspired by science-fiction, economic flows and integrated design. Bringing together digital and sculptural elements, the artwork will be triggered by viewers moving between spaces and devices. Part of Erlanger’s immersive installation will occupy the BMW Lounge at Frieze London. Three motion-sensitive benches—the oldest industrial element placed in public contexts—will act as an audio device, inviting audiences to sit and listen to real and fictional testimonies about an ecological event. A thick mist of fog and blue light will create an immersive atmosphere of limited visibility, constantly changing in response to oil price variations.

The second part of Body Electric will be experienced in the BMW Courtesy Car Service, where a selection of videos will visually extend the fictional testimonies.

In addition, a new website will be the project’s final landing platform. Drawing inspiration from current and future technologies,  Body Electric speculates on the changing relationship between humans and their environment, as an increasingly unpredictable natural world mediates and distorts our bodily experience.